Non-executive chairman

Gerd Alexander Schütz

Alexander Schütz is managing partner of C-Quadrat AG, an asset management company which he founded together with his partner Thomas Riess in 1991. C-Quadrat AG has subsidiaries in Frankfurt am Main, London, Geneva, Warsaw and Yerevan and has recently launched operations in Asia. Alexander is responsible for the C-Quadrat AG’s strategic development and for acquisitions. He is also one of the Company’s shareholders and Chairman of the Board, as well as the co-founder and board member of the Switzerland-based Aquarion water technology group, which has recently acquired the German Hager + Elsässer. Further core interests are in the photovoltaics business, Aventus GmbH in the field of business intelligence and IT security, Filmhouse Germany, HSO Healthcare GmbH and Dairyfem in the field of probiotic nutrition. Alexander is a member of the International Coronelli Society and president of the Austrian Emirates Society.

Chief executive officer

Dave van niekerk

Dave van Niekerk is one of our founders and the current CEO of the Company. With over 16 years’ experience in the microfinance industry, Dave has held shareholdings and management positions in various microfinance companies, including African Bank where he started his microfinance career. Dave founded pan-African microfinance company Blue Financial Services in 2001, which got listed in 2006, and he served as CEO and Chairman until the end of July 2010. Besides his function as CEO of the Company, Dave is also responsible for the Group’s business areas technology, operations, innovations, and credit.

Executive director

Timothy Nuy

Tim Nuy is one of our executive directors. Before joining the Group, he was an Investment Director at ADC African Development Corporation AG (“ADC”) in Frankfurt am Main from July 2011 to November 2014, where he was responsible for acquisitions and disposals, as well as the day-to-day operations of the Mauritian entities of the Group. He was involved in several complex transactions notably with the controlling investment into ABC Holdings Limited, the disposal of RSwitch (Rwanda) and the takeover by Atlas Mara. Prior to joining ADC, Tim worked at KPMG’s Transaction & Restructuring department in Hamburg, Germany. Tim holds a Bachelor of Science from the Maastricht University in International Business Economics and is a CFA® Charterholder. Besides his function as executive director, Tim is responsible for the Group’s business areas risk, M&A and corporate finance, including all debt and equity funding initiatives and expansion in new markets.

Non-executive director

Dennis Wallestad

Dennis Wallestad was the CFO and Managing Director responsible for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at J.P. Morgan Chase in New York from October 2012 to March 2014. Previously, he was CFO for the Treasury & Securities Services group. Prior to joining J.P. Morgan Chase, Dennis was responsible for all accounting and financial reporting activities of Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, and its affiliates worldwide. Dennis has a solid experience as CFO and Vice President Operations. He has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Auburn University and Masters of Accountancy from the University of Oklahoma and is a Certified Public Accountant. Currently, Dennis is a Director at Opportunity International in Chicago and is responsible for the restructuring and reorganization of the Group.

Non-executive director

George Manyere

George Manyere is the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Investment Officer and founder of Brainworks Limited, (“Brainworks”), a Mauritius headquartered investment holding company. Brainworks has a strong presence in Zimbabwe in the following sectors (i) financial services (banking, insurance and asset management), (ii) energy logistics, (iii) hospitality and (iv) real estate. Prior to founding Brainworks, he was an investment professional with the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”), headquartered in Washington DC. While at IFC, he was responsible for investing in excess of US$ 600 million in sub-Saharan Africa, and managing a portfolio of investments in excess of US$ 400 million and represented IFC on several investee company boards. George Manyere sits on several boards of directors and holds a Bachelor of Accounting Science and Honours in Accounting Science from the University of South Africa. He also holds a Certificate in Theory of Accounting from the University of South Africa and has completed various international courses in finance, strategy and investment banking.

Non-executive director

Simon Village

Simon Village is the founding Director of Argentum Limited, Mauritius, a business development and corporate finance company providing services to emerging corporates in Southern, Central and Eastern Africa. Simon has served on the boards of numerous international companies and has led a number of successful global initiatives, with the foremost of these being the development of a series of commodity backed funds which his team listed in 13 countries. He also led the financing and development of a number of resource companies, where he served as a director, including raising the capital required for building the first gold mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo since that country’s independence. Prior to this, Simon was a Managing Director with HSBC in London, having worked his way up through HSBC as a top ranked Financial Analyst, then Head of Research for their emerging markets business before being appointed as Managing Director of the securities business in South Africa. Prior to his career in finance, Simon worked for Schlumberger in Italy, Netherlands, and Libya as a field engineer, and prior to that for De Beers in Southern Africa. He holds a B.Eng (Hons) degree in Mining Engineering from Camborne School of Mines, United Kingdom.

Non-executive director

Trevor Joslin

Trevor Joslin has had a career in Investment banking since 1986, and held senior positions with various banks in Geneva including Barclays. In 2000, he joined HSBC and started up their Asia Banking Unit, and subsequently managed the East Africa region for the bank. Trevor holds a B.Sc. (University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom), First Class Honours in Chemistry and is a Doctor of Philosophy (University of Southampton, United Kingdom).

Non-executive director

Johan Jonck

Johan Jonck was one of the pioneers in the microcredit industry in South Africa. Through his efforts, the first industry specific organisation called the Micro Lenders Association (the “MLA”), was formed in 1996. The MLA spearheaded the National Credit Regulator (NCR), the South Africa’s current credit industry regulator. Johan, a former partner of Coopers & Lybrand, was also the founder and CEO of Unity Financial Services of which Boland Bank was a shareholder. Unity Financial Services was acquired by African Bank Investments Limited in 1999. He was the founder and CEO of Jigmining, a company with patented technology beneficiating coal for BHP Biliton in South Africa, which was listed as Yomhlaba on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2004. In 2005, Johan started Nedfin Ltd, a micro-lending company in Zambia and served as CEO. Johan has successfully been a shareholder and role player in the microfinance market in Africa for over twenty years.

Management team

Evans Munyuki

Chief Digital and Information Officer

23 Years experience in Technology
BSc (Hons), MPM, AAS

Louwrens van Schalkwyk

Chief Operating Officer

15 years experience, banking and technology

Ryan McDougall

Chief Financial Officer

13 years’ experience in Financial Services
BBusSci (Hons) CA(SA)

Mark Vivier

Group Head of Banking

17 Years experience in micro lending and insurance
29 years experience in banking
BCom (Hons), MBA (Cum Laude)

Llewellyn Gerber

Head of Corporate Finance

11 years experience in investment banking
9 years experience in corporate finance
B.Acc, BCompt (Hons), CA (SA)

Juan Du Toit

Human resources executive

12 years HR experience
Bcom (Hons) Ind Psych
Bcom (Hons) Labour Relations

Dr. Richard Van Der Wath

Chief data officer

15 years experience in computer science
BSc (Hons), PhD

Nic Louw

Head Legal and Compliance

15 years experience banking and technology

Kirsten Reynolds-Wood

Group marketing & brand executive

16 years experience in retail marketing and brand management
BSc (Hons)

Neville Graham

Group Insurance and Collections Executive

23 years experience
B.Com Marketing and Management

Kenneth Fisher

Managing Director: SME Lending

25 Years’ experience in business development, training, management.

Sam Brink

Acting Corporate Affairs

15 years experience technology, microfinance, and finance

Celliers Inggs

Head of Software Development

16 years experience in software development

Dean Crocker

Corporate finance executive

10 years experience in captial markets in Africa
BCom (Hons), CFA®

Fernando Oltra

Corporate Finance Executive

8 years experience in finance
B.Sc Business Management

Tonderai Mutesva

Corporate Finance Executive

7 years experience in corporate finance and banking
B.Sc Economics, CFA®

Group Operations

Stiaan Dreyer

Operations Executive

25 years experience
BCom (Hons) Fin. Management

Michael Hodgkiss

Operations Executive

20 years telecommunications and microfinance

Country Executives

Marthin De Kock


23 years experience in insurance and microfinance

Lenus Oosthuizen


20 years experience in microfinance

Pieter Botha


19 years experience in microfinance

Minshi Nusuluka


15 years experience in microfinance

William Hunter

South Africa

13 years experience in banking and microfinance

Patricia Gonzalez


12 years, finance and administration

Mercy Murevesi


19 years experience in banking
BCom (Hons) CA

Raymond West Evans


22 years experience microfinance

Anthony Maulgue


21 years microfinance

Charmaine van Rooyen


13 years experience in microfinance

Michal Gebala


9 years experience in strategic planning

Gerrie Fourie


12 years experience in finance and microfinance

Paul Soko


18 years experience in finance and banking

Thomson Kumwenda


10 years experience in finance

Clever Hamadi


7 years experience in finance